The history


Kyiv military Lyceum Ivan Bohun — State general education III level of military-professional orientation training and pre-professional training, provides in-depth pre-conscription and enhanced physical training and education for youths readiness for military service.

Historical Background

August 21, 1943 in. Chuguev (Kharkiv region.) was founded as Kharkov Suvorov Military School. In the study of 500 boys accepted.

November 24, 1943 Suvorov College awarded Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet battle flag. This day is celebrated as the annual celebration of the Lyceum.

In 1947, Kharkov Suvorov Military School relocated to the city. Kyiv and Kyiv renamed the Suvorov Military School (KSVU). In 1948, KSVU held the first release.

In the period from 1951 to 1991 KSVU 14 times recognized among the best schools Suvorov Soviet Union.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 19, 1992
№ 490 «On the reform of military education» at the Kiev Suvorov Military School founded Kyiv Military Lyceum.

4 October 1994 Kyiv Military Lyceum Battle Flag awarded Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 1, 1998 № 764 Kyiv Military Lyceum awarded name Ivan Bohun — active participant liberation movement for the independence of Ukraine period 1637-1664 gg., and based on the children’s sanatorium Boyarsky educational-recreational complex Lyceum in Boyarka for training boys in grades 8-9.

From 1943 to 2014 held 66 issues and released 15,423 people. 374 graduate awarded gold and silver medals.

2597 graduate diploma awarded «for outstanding achievements in the study of certain subjects».

The main objectives of the Lyceum:

Ensure the right of citizens to full general  DSC_0031a_2 secondary education, formation and development of socially responsible, creative personality of conscious citizenship, a sense of national identity, and the creation of conditions for mastering systematic knowledge about nature, man, society and culture;

create conditions for trainees lyceum education within the volume defined by the state standard of secondary education;

providing in-depth pre-professional training military wing, gaining opportunities by students of primary military knowledge and skills required to further their introduction and learning in higher military schools and higher education institutions that with military education departments;

education students has devoted service in the spirit of the Ukrainian people, love of military service and conscious commitment to skills development officer.

organizational structure and size

organizational structure designed to meet military school functioning and main task assigned to it, and allows extensive use of pedagogical potential of high school pupils organize training program of an educational institution III degree of military -profesiynoyu focus, depth of pre-conscription and heavy physical training and education for youths readiness for military service.

A good description of the teaching staff:

37 teachers with proficiency «specialist Luxury» 5 — proficiency «of the first category» 6 — proficiency «specialist second category»;

26 teachers have scientific and pedagogical titles:
«teacher-methodologist» — 20 «senior teacher» — 6;

teacher has 21 honorary title «Honored teacher of Ukraine» — 2; «Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine» — 1 «Excellence in Education of Ukraine» -18.

Educational qualification of teachers Lyceum allows high quality and fully carry out the task of providing education pupils within the educational standard.

Infrastructure and educational material resources

Kyiv Military Lyceum Ivan Bohun is located in a building constructed in 1915.

  1. Comprehensive base:
    • self-training classes — 24
    • mathematics classrooms — 4
    • computer classes — 3
    • physics classrooms — 3
    • classrooms learning foreign languages — 2
    • Biology cabinet — 1
    • Biology cabinet — 1
    • Cabinet Geography — 1
    • Ukrainian Language Education — 1
    • Chemistry cabinet — 1
    • room Cossack glory — 1
    • room Shevchenko Museum — 1
  2. Cultural education base:
    • History Lyceum room — 1;
    • 750 club seats — 1;
    • Hall of holiday rituals — 1;
    • Library — 1;
    • reading room — 1;
    • radiovouzol — 1;
    • psychological relaxation room — 1.
  3. Sports facilities:
    • Stadium — 1;
    • town for morning physical gymnastics — 1;
    • gyms — 2;
    • gym — 1;
    • Hall of unarmed combat and fighting — 1;
    • platforms for sports (volleyball, basketball, tennis).
  4. Specialized base:
    • class to study the course «National defense» — 1;
    • shooting — 1;
    • marching parade — 1;
    • electronic shooting — 1;
    • playground with samples of military equipment — 1;

Financial support

Dining carried entity.

Members of school pupils eating three dining rooms 100, 150 and 350 seats, and material support platoon — a separate hall for 50 persons.

rem property personnel Lyceum is provided on time and in full.

Housing ensuring the Kiev military lyceum named after Ivan Bohun carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

Medical Support

The main objectives of the medical service of the Lyceum are:

  • event management to ensure and improve the health of personnel;
  • provide positive sanitary-epidemiological status of the Lyceum;
  • medical monitoring for health school pupils;
  • provide medical care pupils;
  • of military medical commissions for life students has before training in high schools and higher military educational establishments;
  • Military Medical training and promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • To perform these tasks in high school are: clinic, hospital with 20 beds, dental surgery, treatment room, pharmacy, dressing, lab.

The military-patriotic education and international cooperation

As part of the military-patriotic education of youth, the personnel involved in the Lyceum:

  • celebrations by the President of Ukraine, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Kyiv Mayor, on the occasion of Victory Day and the Day of Liberation of Ukraine Kyiv liberation from Nazi occupation, Armed Forces Day Ukraine, Ukraine Defender Day, to commemorate the victims of the Holodomor and the Holocaust, remembering the victims of political repression in Bykovnyanskomu forest, to mark the Day of Unification Ukraine;

  • holding public celebrations at the Palace «Ukraine», International Palace of Culture and Arts, Ukrainian House, National complex «Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945», House teacher, Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Sports Palace; International Competition Ukrainian language Petro Yatsyk events in heroic and patriotic dedicated to commemorate Krut Heroes, Ivan Bohun, Taras Shevchenko, war veterans and Ukrainian national liberation movement, combatants in other states, participants accident the Chernobyl accident.

  • Lyceum students actively in the life of the capital of Ukraine and regular participants in events with the participation of the state and its armed forces. Regularly participating in the parade in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine. Each year, the parade of drummers Lyceum opens his mouth.