The cadets of Kyiv Military Lyceum named after Ivan Bohun had an opportunity to be participants of Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union Cadets’ Summer Camp ‘Zalgiris 2022’

Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland became a part of the camp.

It was an unforgettable pastime for children as they had a chance to develop their communicative skills, improve English language knowledge, to deepen military capability and promote patriotism, to enhance teamwork and leadership skills, to develop discipline, to find new friends and take their minds off.

Each day was planned in detail and full of various activities.
The studies included:

  • Tactical training in the forest, where the cadets were able to improve theoretical and practical military skills.
  • Adventure day. The cadets were practicing throwing grenades, running the obstacle course that meets NATO standards and shooting air rifles.
  • Shooting that took place on the proving ground, provided cadets with the opportunity to shoot different types of weapons.
  • Trip around Kaunas. That was a fun day for children as they had a chance to try themselves in treetop climbing. After the adventure they visited an open-air military museum that exhibits military equipment.

The evenings were also full of fun. The cadets played team games such as paintball, football, volleyball (bubble football was especially amusing and laughable), sang songs, danced, communicated and exchanged experiences.

When the camp closing day came, the representatives of all countries had to present their national dances. Of course our choice fell upon Hopak. The Ukrainian cadets managed to come up with the dance in a short period of time. And finally the performance was above all praise and all participants appreciated our performance. The evening ended with discoю The cadets were able to exchange their chevrons and presents in memory of each other.

Ukrainian cadets got a special gift – a trip to Palanga, a seaside town on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Those were two more incredible days! The cadets were pleased to swim and sunbathe, to walk around the town, to try local food and buy some gifts.

In the end we would like to thank our partners from Lithuania for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to become a part of this great camp and to immerse ourselves into the wonderful adventurous journey full of joy, smiles and happiness. We really appreciate your support, help and neighborliness! We are looking forward to meeting you again and hope for further cooperation!