Entrance examination in mathematics held in the form of an integrated written work in algebra and geometry (hereinafter — the paperwork) for the tasks developed by teachers Lyceum approved by the head of the Lyceum, under the current curriculum study of algebra and geometry for secondary schools approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

For applicants to the 10th grade math entrance examination conducted on materials textbook «Collection of tasks for the state final certification in mathematics. Grade 9 «of the current school year and textbooks and teaching aids recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for use in the elementary school in secondary schools with the Ukrainian language learning.

The content of the current program meets the objectives of the study of mathematics for grades 6-9.

Time for entrance examination in mathematics is two (2) academic hours (90 minutes).

The countdown begins with the start of work on the incoming tasks.

Use entrants auxiliary sources (reference books, textbooks, tables, etc.) and various electronic devices (calculators, cell phones, etc.) during the entrance test is strictly prohibited.

As a result of the entrant has one score — mathematics.

The distribution of tasks first second and third parts for classes, objects, difficulty levels and themes of program material shown in Table 1

Table 1.

job number response-ness class learning objectives Subject Relevance task level student achievements Temyprohramnoho material
1 2 3 4 5
1.1 6 Math initial or middle Conventional droby.Ratsionalni numbers and operations on them
1.2 6 Math initial or middle The ratio and proportion
1.3 7 algebra start Funktsiyi.Liniyni equation with one variable
1.4 7 algebra average Objectives expressions
1.5 8 algebra start Rational Expressions
1.6 8 algebra average Square root. Valid chysla.Kvadratni equation
1.7 9 algebra start quadratic function
1.8 9 algebra average quadratic function
1.9 7 Geometry initial or middle direct relative position in the plane
1.10 8 Geometry initial or middle solving right triangles
1.11 9 Geometry start Quadrilaterals
1.12 9 Geometry average The solution trykutnykiv.Dekartovi coordinates on the plane. Vectors in the plane
2.1 8 algebra sufficient Rational Expressions
2.2 9 algebra sufficient Inequalities
2.3 9 algebra sufficient quadratic function
2.4 9 Geometry sufficient Solving triangles
3.1 9 algebra or high enough quadratic function. Rational Expressions
3.2 9 Geometry high Regular polygon. Solving triangles. The polygon. Areas of polygons. Quadrilaterals

The written work in mathematics consists of three parts, which differ in complexity and shape tasks.

The first part is offered with a choice of 12 tasks one correct answer (8 problems in algebra and 4 — Geometry) corresponding to the initial and average levels of educational achievement of applicants. For each task with a choice of four answers are answers, of which only one is correct. task
the choice is deemed executed correctly if the answer sheet specified only one letter, which marked the correct answer. Thus Applicants are not required to give any consideration to explain their choice.

The correct solution of every problem of the block (task 1.1-1.12) is estimated by one (1) score.

The second part of the written work consists of 4 tasks
(3 targets and algebra 1 — geometry) open form of short answer corresponding average and adequate levels of educational achievement. This objective is met properly if written responses form the correct answer (eg, number, expression, equation roots, etc.). All the necessary calculations, conversion etc. students perform on drafts.

The correct solution of each of the objectives of this №№ 2.1-2.4 estimated by three points. Partial assignments second part (for example, if the entrant correctly found one of the roots of the equation
or solutions of equations) estimated two points.

The third part consists of written work 2 jobs (tasks 1 and Algebra 1 — geometry) open form of expanded response
corresponding to the high level of educational achievement.

The task of the third part is considered executed correctly if an applicant gave a detailed account of solving problem
justification of each stage and gave a correct answer. The correctness of the tasks of the third part is evaluated according to the criteria (Table 2) and scheme evaluation tasks.

Table 2. Criteria of evaluation tasks open form of expanded response

What A student The corresponding number balivza task
The maximum score — 6 The maximum score — 4
Got the right answer and gave its full justification 6 points 4 points
Got the right answer, but it is not reasonable or solution contains minor flaws 5 points 3 points
Got a response, recorded the correct course of solving the problem, but in the process of solving computational mistake or logical
(with justification) character
4 points
significantly close to the correct final outcome or result found only a fraction of the correct answer 3 points 2 points
started to solve the task correctly, but in the process of solving a mistake
the application of the required statement or formula
2 points 1 pt
Only started correctly solved problem started or wrong, but the following steps performed correctly solving 1 pt
The solution does not match any of the above criteria 0 points 0 points

Correct problem solving № 3.1, 3.2 estimated six points.

The task of writing the third part of the incoming carry on sheets stamped «Kyiv Military Lyceum Ivan Bohun».

The wording of the third task of the applicants did not rewrite, and indicate only the job number. Corrections and strikethrough
solving problems in the design of the third part, if they are done neatly, not a reason to reduce the assessment.

Scoring System for Proper job applicants for job evaluation are shown in Table 3.

The amount of points earned by the entrant completed tasks corresponds with a 12-point system of student performance on the special scale (Table 4).

Table 3. Scoring System for Proper job applicants for job evaluation

Non tasks The number of points Total
1.1-1.12 1 point 12 points
2.1-2.4 3 points 12 points
3.1-3.2 6 points 12 points
Total Points 36 points

Relevance number of points entrant evaluation of the 12-point scale assessment of student achievements are presented in Table 4.

Table 4. Table number of points according to the evaluation 12-point evaluation system

number of points Score from 12-point scale assessment of student achievements
1-2 1
3-4 2
5-6 3
7-8 4
9-10 5
11-12 6
13-16 7
17-20 8
21-24 9
25-28 10
29-32 11
33-36 12

The basis of transfer scale scores are the demands of the explanatory note to the «Collection of tasks for the state final certification in mathematics. Grade 9 «this year, and the criteria for assessment of student achievements in the general secondary education approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 13.04.2011 № 329.