Ukrainian language

Introduction trial of Ukrainian language is written (dictation) for the tasks developed by teachers Lyceum approved by the head of the Lyceum, under the current curriculum learning Ukrainian for secondary schools, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Content entrance test objectives and evaluation criteria orthography (spelling and punctuation) skills of applicants meet the current Ukrainian language study program for secondary schools.

The text dictation and evaluation criteria orthography (spelling and punctuation) skills entering the 10th grade will be determined by the textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education
and Science of Ukraine for educational use for entering the 10th grade — «Collection of dictations to the state final certification of the Ukrainian language. 9 klasˮ (for the current academic year).

For the admission tests in the Ukrainian language have 1 (one) hour training (45 minutes). The countdown begin with the beginning teacher reading text.

Use disciples auxiliary sources (dictionaries, reference books, electronic media, etc.) — during the entrance test is not allowed.

checked during the entrance test to be:

the ability to write words on the spelling rules and studied vocabulary words identified to remember;

the ability to punctuate processed in accordance with the rules of punctuation;

the ability to properly execute the work.

The results of entrance tests in the Ukrainian language assessment estimated one in marks for dictation evaluation criteria set out in the current program of study of the Ukrainian language secondary schools («Ukrainian (native) language. 5 12 classes «/ GT Shelekhova and others. edited by LV Skurativsky. — K .: Irpen: Perun, 2005) approved letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 23.12.2004 № 1 / 11-6611

spelling and punctuation errors are evaluated equally;

corrected, but are not captured spelling
and punctuation errors:

1) on the rules that are not included in the school curriculum;

2) has not been studied in the rules;

3) in the words of writing that is not checked, over which was not carried out special work;

4) in the reproduction of the so-called author punctuation;

recurring errors (a word which is repeated several times in dictation) are one mistake;

the same type (errors in the same rule, but in different words) as multiple errors;

distinguish between gross and nehrubi error; in particular, to nehrubyh include the following:

1) exceptions to all rules;

2) writing a capital letter in challenging their own names;

3) in the case of writing together and separately prefixes in adverbs formed from nouns with prepositions;

4) where instead put a punctuation mark another and if possible a different tone;

5) in cases that require distinguishing between not and not (combinations of is none other than … ; not nothing like … ; no one else … ; nothing else … );

6) pass one of spoluchuvanyh punctuation or
violation of their sequence;

7) replacement Ukrainian Russian letters;

8) Five fixes misspellings to correct errors are equal to one;

9) spelling and punctuation errors are corrected for raw rules, but not taken into account.

Evaluation of linguistic knowledge and skills shall be based on state educational standards and requirements for knowledge and skills of Ukrainian language specified current program.

The maximum amount of points for the entrance examination of the Ukrainian language is 36 points, which corresponds to 12 points for a 12-point scale assessment of student achievements in the general secondary education. Total points received by the entrant completed tasks corresponds with a 12-point system of student performance on the special scale (Table 4).

Table 4. Table number of points according to the evaluation 12-point evaluation system



The allowable number of spelling and punctuation errors The allowable number of patches Score from 12-point scale

Assessment of Student Achievements

1 2 3 4
1-3 15 or more 5 1
4-6 13 — 14 4 2
7-9 11 — 12 3 3
10-13 9 — 10 3 4
14-17 7 — 8 3 5
18-21 5 — 6 2 6
1 2 3 4
22-25 4 3 7
26-29 3 3 8
30-31 1 + 1 (nehruba) 1 9
32-33 1 2 10
34-35 1 (nehruba) 1 11
36 0 0 12

transfer scale basis points the criteria assessment of student achievements in the general secondary education approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine of 13.04.2011 № 329.