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Ivan Bogun

Ivan Bohun (p. n. Unknown – 17 (27) February 1664 р.)


Ivan Bohun (F.) – outstanding Ukrainian military and statesman. Reliable information about the beginning of life’s journey Ivan Bohun was not enough, we know only that he probably came from a Ukrainian noble family.

For the first time the name Ivan Bohun mentioned in the documents of the Cossack era peasant revolt 1637-1638 biennium. We also know that in the years 1641-1645. He participated in the campaigns of the Turkish fortress scratch and led the Cossack troops who successfully guarded from Crimean Tatars crossed the Seversky Donets.

In the 1648-1657 biennium. Ivan Bohun actively participated in the liberation war of Ukrainian people led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. During the war he served as hetman (summer 1651), Colonel kalnytskym (1649.1653 gg.), Vinnitsa (1651.1654 gg.).

Ivan Bohun particularly distinguished himself in the Battle of Zborov (August 1649), Vinnitsa (February-March 1651), Berestechko (June-July 1651), Monastyrysche (March 1653), Suceava (September 1653 g.) and in the defense of Uman (January 1655 р.).

In 1657 the new Hetman of Ukraine Ivan Ivan Bohun Vyhovsky excludes from the direct command of the troops and instructs him to negotiate with Sweden, Poland and Muscovy. But in 1658 Ivan Bohun returns for military service and is actively involved in suppressing the rebellion antyhetmanskoho. The same year, Ivan Bohun was appointed Colonel, but after a few months he left this post and became a colonel pavolotskym.

In the 1659-1662 biennium. Ivan Bohun took an active part in the struggle between petty gangs. Thanks to his active role hetman’s mace Yurii Khmelnytsky. In 1662 it was captured in Polish captivity. But in 1663 the Ivan Bohun was released and appointed acting hetman of Right-Bank Ukraine.

In November 1663 Ivan Bohun involved in the campaign of the Polish King John Casimir, the Left Bank of Ukraine. But in early 1664 he was arrested on suspicion of collaboration with Moscow. February 17, 1664, after a brief investigation, Ivan Bohun and several of his associates were shot by the Poles.