Traditions Lyceum

DSC_0029a_2 main approaches in the work of patriotic education of the younger generation are defenders: they study the history of Ukraine and its Armed Forces, maintaining the traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people, military traditions, and, of course, generations, transmission of heritage that managed to create Cadets in the history of the Cadet movement. Formation of a new consciousness and attitude to military service in modern umovah.V high school and started acting: Museum of the History of the Lyceum, a room-museum of Taras Shevchenko room Cossack glory. Traditionally, the high school was the Day of the Lyceum, commemorating Heroes Krut, Shevchenko weeks, and public celebration of religious holidays, lessons of courage and events. This helps us to realize the national education ideas to teach our students has to understand that Ukraine begins with the land where you were born, parents who gave you life, and eventually that Ukraine — is yourself. Lyceum students are involved in almost all activities involving top officials, city and Pechersk district, and the greatest honor for each of them to participate in the military parade marking the anniversary of the independent Ukraine. It supports all the traditions that existed in Kyiv Cadet School. The adoption of a solemn oath by students at St. Mary — Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. Holding «Cadet entertainment» dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland, activities «Officers dynasty in the service of the Fatherland,» writing letters Ukrainian peacekeepers and others.

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