Training Health club


educational and recreational complex of Kyiv Military Lyceum Ivan Bohun

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 1, 1998 with the number 764, was created nobility department — Education and Recreation Complex Kiev Military Lyceum.

Registered address:. Boyarka, Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, Kyiv region, st. Khreschatyk, 103.

Education and health center is supported by the budget of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and is guided by the Law of Ukraine «On General Secondary Education».

Education and health center Kiev military lyceum is designed for studying and living 240 school pupils, students 8-9 grades.

Educational — material basis set:

  1. Training Corps, where in addition to classrooms, which are designed for each platoon (capacity 26 people) are equipped with:
  • study mathematics, physics, chemistry, 2 computer labs, classrooms linhafoni,
  1. In high school created an excellent base for physical development. Equipped with:
  • advanced gym;
  • playground;
  • Gymnastic Hall;

  • playground for the game of football, volleyball and basketball.
  1. Dining Complex is designed for 250 seats, enabling 4 meals a day school pupils in one shift on a four-table.
  2. Health Services
  3. The club, in whom I Lyceum engaged in vocal, theater, choreography circles.
  4. Leisure Centre, allows to spend quality educational activities in scale units and complex as a whole.
  5. Established history teaching room and fitness complex history and room accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  6. for detailed examples of weapons and military equipment that are to equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the complex set of military technology platform.
  7. To meet the religious needs of the personnel on site training and recreation center is St. Nicholas Church.